An experimental guide book and online platform exploring guitar chords that ring and jangle with open strings (and only a few notes fretted), offering new ways to play, compose, and freak out on the guitar. The project resonates with the folksy guitar player as well as with seasoned shredders looking to add a new dimension to their playing, and incorporates interviews with intriguing folk, jazz, pop, and experimental guitarists, composers, and guitarist-composers.

Take those chords you play around the campfire — with the easy-to-grab shapes that you learn first on the guitar (think E minor, D, G, A: no barre chords!) — and expand their ringing quality all over the guitar neck, using lateral tricks and helpful adjustments to create new ways of songwriting and lush, unique, fresh guitar sounds.

The book and online platform are a project of New York City-based session guitarist, composer, and environmentalist Tom Csatari, who leads the New York Times-featured “free folk-jazz” collective Uncivilized.