Radio Hour #2

Excited to share this weeks’ Guitar Uncivilized radio hour! The centerpiece is a 24-minute improvisation by Ben Allison’s group from their album *Moment’s Inside* (with two guitars). It also features some great stuff from Sonny Greenwich, Kris Davis, and John Hollenbeck as well. Each track incorporates the guitar in a unique way. . .

Uncivilized Tom


1. Jimi Hendrix – “Here My Train A Comin’ ” from the 1973 Warner Brothers documentary Jimi Hendrix (

2. Ben Allison – “Moments Outside” from Moments Outside [Single] (Sonic Camera Records, 2022). Purchase:

3. Steve Cardenas – “Drifter” from West of Middle (Sunnyside, 2010).

4. Kris Davis – “Prairie Eyes” [w/ Bill Frisell] from Duopoly (Pyroclastic Records, 2016).

5. Sonny Greenwich / Paul Bely – “Meandering” from Outside In (Justin Time Records, 1995).

6. Sonny Greenwich – “Your Song” [Elton John Cover]. (Live In Toronto, YouTube.)

7. Claudia Quintet / John Hollenbeck – “Rainbow Jimmies” [feat. Mark Stewart] from Rainbow Jimmies (GPE Records, 2008).

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